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Better Chiropractic Care with the ProAdjuster

The ProAdjuster is a computerized tool that allows chiropractors to scan a patient’s spine and identify the problem areas with more accuracy than traditional hands-on treatments.

It is a highly effective chiropractic analysis and adjusting instrument that first registers information via a pulsar sensor, a device that conveys an accurate picture of the extent of rigidity in each area of the patient’s spine. The information from the sensor is sent to a computer and displayed graphically so that the doctor can pinpoint where the problem areas are.

Once the chiropractor determines specific problem areas from the information computed, the ProAdjuster can be used to make adjustments. The instrument utilizes a precise oscillating force with uninterrupted motion. It effectively applies impulses to the identified affected areas that increases mobility of the spine and thereby reducing what is called a subluxation, or an area where there is lack of motion. Ultimately, this is beneficial to the nervous system; it relieves pressure on the nerve and allows the nerve to heal fully. The adjustment is not only performed with accuracy, but it is also painless.

Following the adjustment, the doctor will scan the patient’s spine again to determine the results of the treatment. Patients with neck pain, back pain, hip pain, and sciatica have found great success and relief with the ProAdjuster.