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Try Your First Massage on Us!

Experience the powerful effect that massage therapy can have when used with chiropractic care.

These two treatment options complement each other perfectly as massage relaxes the muscles that can quickly put your body out of alignment and improvements to your skeletal health help put muscles in the correct position to achieve longer term benefits from your massage.

If you want your body to feel better faster and for a longer period of time, massage therapy with Chiropractic care is a must.

How to get a free massage:

  1. Call and schedule your initial chiropractic treatment with Kirkland Chiropractic and Massage and we'll do the necessary X-rays and tests to determine your customized treatment plan.
  2. Schedule a follow up chiropractic appointment and come in to review the results of your tests and do another adjustment.
  3. Schedule a massage session with our friendly staff.

It's that easy!

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