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Our clinic specializes in non-surgical spinal decompression therapy which is the preferred treatment for a bulging or herniated disc, the leading cause of lower back pain. We also focus on improving neck pain, headaches, shoulder complaints, sciatica, migraines, scoliosis, healthy pregnancy, athletic performance, and surgery prevention.  Whether your pain is caused by an auto accident, sports injury, or even chronic pain, our methods are a proven way to finally find relief. 






Our Philosophy

Our chiropractic methodology is grounded in the reality that all bodies have self-healing systems built into them. Unfortunately, life’s circumstances can at times disrupt these natural functions. This happens when the body’s structure does not hold up, causing severe health problems that affect how your body performs and feels. In other words, when the spine is not doing its job at holding everything in place and protecting our nervous system, we are no longer able to recuperate in the way we normally would, which leads to poor health and sensations of pain.

Imagine a complex system of roads that runs the length of our spinal cord and connects to various parts of our body. Our brain encodes a message and our nerves act like the postal service, traveling up and down the spinal cord and delivering important letters to the rest of the body. These letters determine everything we do–all movement, sensation, and healing. We call this correspondence our central nervous system and it is important because it can control the integrity of our organs and our overall health. Consequently, it is vital to make sure that the system of roads is well maintained and there is no blockage or debris inhibiting the natural flow of traffic.

At Kirkland Chiropractic, we understand that life, with all its physical and emotional demands, can cause interference or stress on our nerves. A slight physical trauma or muscle tension caused by emotional distress can result in a misalignment of the spine. This can have a negative impact on our nerves and, by extension, jeopardize our overall health.


Our team of active listeners and industry professionals offers an integrated approach to both recovery and preventative treatment. We not only promote healing of affected areas, but focus on the wellbeing of the entire body, sharing best practices and educating our patients so that they can become advocates of their own health. We are here to fix the root of the problem and restore the proper function of the muscle and joints of the spine. Ultimately, we want to make sure that your nervous system can better regulate the various body systems.


If you are looking for immediate care, we often have same-day appointment availability. Please call us today at (425) 822-4326 to schedule an appointment or make an inquiry.



Not only did I work for Dr. Ted, he was also my personal chiropractor until I moved south to Auburn. I am picky about who adjusts my neck as it can be tricky but he has the touch! He also works with your over all health and nutrition! I highly recommend Dr. Ted! I just wish his office was closer.


Dr. Wedell has been adjusting me for over 15 years! He’s gotten me through several sports injuries and pregnancy and migraines and now adjusts my husband and both my boys. My youngest saw him at 5 days old and has seen him several times since. We love Dr. Wedell!


I was born with degenerative scoliosis. Through years of chiropractic care, I’m blessed to be a grandma who’s still walking straight, and dancing! Dr. Wedell, you are my rockstar!