While our Chiropractic services focus on releasing subluxations in the spine and optimizing the body’s nervous system, our Therapeutic Massage services focus exclusively on the body’s muscular system. Our doctors prescribe Massage Therapy to relieve muscle pain and muscle stiffness, which helps in the overall restoration of our patients’ health and compliments our Functional Rehabilitation treatment.

Our Therapeutic Massage treatments employ a hands-on approach that effectively reduce stress and pain associated with muscle tension. We offer different types of massage in order to promote the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system, improving balance and health throughout the body.

Massage Types


Deep Tissue Massage targets the deepest layers of muscle tissue and fascia in order to relieve muscle stiffness. This technique does require more pressure, but it is highly effective for reducing stress, breaking up scar tissue, and increasing circulation by working out any adhesions. It also naturally releases oxytocin and serotonin that boosts mood and creates an optimal environment for healing.


Sports Massage is a treatment designed for athletes or patients who exercise frequently. It primarily focuses on stretching and loosening muscle groups in order to prevent injury and enhance athletic performance. This is a great treatment for athletic patients who feel chronic discomfort after performing high-intensity activities.


Medical Massage can employ elements of Trigger Point and Deep Tissue treatments among other methodologies depending on the patient’s condition. It is a type of treatment created for rehabilitation, helping a patient recover from a clinical ailment or physical trauma such as those caused by car crashes.


Trigger point Massage pinpoints tight areas (trigger points) within muscle tissue. These affected areas are usually the cause of radiating pain in the body. Our Massage Therapists employ repeated sequences of pressure and release on trigger points, isolating these regions in order to reduce tension and alleviate discomfort. This is a great treatment for patients who suffer from chronic injuries.


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