Our Clinic’s Functional Rehabilitation treatment completes our holistic approach to healthcare. Supplementing our Chiropractic and Massage services, the objective of our Functional Rehabilitation practice is to strengthen the relationship between the body’s nervous and muscular systems. Functional Rehabilitation is an extension of physical therapy in that it is designed to restore full functionality and mobility of an injured body part. In order to help our patients recover faster and perform better after an injury, we offer a customized healing plan in order to offer additional aid while on the road to recovery.

When establishing the perfect type of treatment for our patients, our doctors will conduct physical examinations in a safe environment to assess physical performance such as balance, range of motion, and muscle control. Moving forward, patients will be expected to perform different movements and exercises as a way to condition and prepare the body to return to daily activities and make a full recovery. As we work together to restore the body’s health, we enable patients to become advocates of their own wellbeing and encourage them to set goals and carry out recommended exercises at home.


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