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Andrew R., Mukilteo, WA

What a great facility! Dr. Wedell was able to quickly identify my problem areas and give me actionable tips and advice on things to do at home to help with my pain. If you are in need of a chiropractor, look no further than Dr. Wedell's office. Can't say enough good things!

Jennifer Reilly Tuttle

I have known Dr. Wedell for over 20 years. I have worked with him, and been a patient. He is an incredible doctor and a wonderful person.

Sarah Tichy Boyd

I cannot say enough nice things about Dr. Wedell. Hands down the best chiroprator in town, and just an all around great guy! He is thorough with his adjustments and you leave feeling like a million bucks! Highly recommend Dr. Wedell to anyone searching for an amazing chiropractor!

Steve Hunsaker

Dr. Wedell adjusted me many times when I lived in Seattle. I have yet to find as good a chiropractor now that I live in Phoenix. Dr. Wedell is a great chiropractor, but more importantly, an even better person!

Kayla Rocco

Dr. Wedell has adjusted my entire family for many years and he always does such a great job. He even adjusted my sons when they were infants to relieve gas pains and constipation. I trust him implicitly!

Marilyn and Dean Grotzke

You will not find a better chiropractor than Dr. Wedell! We have been going to him for many years!

Ursula Paar

I was born with degenerative scoliosis. Through years of chiropractic care, I'm blessed to be a grandma who's still walking straight, and dancing! Dr. Wedell, you are my rockstar!

Morgan Boone

Dr. Wedell has been adjusting me for over 15 years! He's gotten me through several sports injuries and pregnancy and migraines and now adjusts my husband and both my boys. My youngest saw him at 5 days old and has seen him several times since. We love Dr. Wedell!

Lisa Buttenhoff

Not only did I work for Dr. Ted, he was also my personal chiropractor until I moved south to Auburn. I am picky about who adjusts my neck as it can be tricky but he has the touch! He also works with your over all health and nutrition! I highly recommend Dr. Ted! I just wish his office was closer.